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A warm moment in the sunset

A warm moment in the sunset


The doctor in his protective suit and the patient in his hospital bed looked at the setting sun, pointing in the distance.


This is March 5 afternoon more than 4 o 'clock, Wuhan university people's hospital east hospital, Fudan university Zhongshan hospital aid Hubei province medical team member doctor Liu kai escorts the patient to do the CT way, stopped, let the 87-year-old old man has been hospitalized for nearly a month to enjoy a long-lost sunset.

The moment of watching the sunset, also lit up my heart. According to doctor Liu kai, he was a member of the fourth batch of supporting Hubei medical team in Zhongshan hospital. He and his colleagues arrived in Wuhan on February 7 and took over the 20 and 22 wards of the east hospital of Wuhan university people's hospital.


He told reporters that the 87-year-old man in the photo, a former violinist with the orchestra, had been hospitalized since Feb.9, nearly a month ago, and was in a critical condition, requiring a high concentration of oxygen. With the efforts of the doctors, nurses and the old man, the old man's condition has improved in recent days.

On the evening of May 5, he and his volunteer Gan Junchao pushed the old man to have a CT scan. Because inpatient CT is in the outpatient building, they need to take an elevator from the 11th floor of their ward, and then walk a few hundred meters to the outpatient building.

Around four o 'clock in the afternoon, the old man finished the CT, I accompanied the old man back to the ward, Just in time to see the sun shine down. This ray of sunset suddenly let Liu Kai have an idea, take the patient to look at the sunset, "this month, this patient in the isolation ward did not go out, did not receive the sun, the heart is depressed, maybe see the sun can be happy.”

On the way back to the ward after finishing the CT, Liu Kai asked the old man if he would like to stop and look for a while. The old man said, "ok." The three stopped and enjoyed the long - lost sunset. Gan junchao, a volunteer, recorded the moment that hit the heart.

"The moment I watched the sunset, it also lit up my heart. After we went to Wuhan with Zhongshan aid medical team, we have been in the ward and isolated in the hotel after work. I am also willing to stay for a while. The sunset was not long and the temperature was not high. The old man was covered with a quilt. I was afraid that he would catch cold."

Though it was only for five minutes, Liu Kai found the old man in a good mood when he returned to the ward and soon fell asleep.


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