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My daughter never risks buying something as important as a birthday present.
She always goes shopping with her mother.
At the party, parents sit behind when the children celebrate.
Before Irona opened the gift, my wife whispered to me: \"She knows what\'s inside.
When we brought it home, she packed it beautifully herself.
\"Ilona\'s expression will fool me.
It looks like she saw her gift for the first time.
For kids, the unfolding experience is as exciting as the gift in the package.
Children\'s packaging art includes elements of ceremony-
Find special objects for special occasions, select and customize the wrapper and participate in the unfolding event.
Their packaging is an art.
Usually the personal part of the gift, in the store-
Bought stuff and wrapping paper.
Usually, the gift wrapped by the children is like a beautifully decorated birthday cake;
Their surface is decorative, with a layer of candy, drawings, stickers and toys on it.
I am not a big help at the children\'s party as I am busy admiring packages and collecting souvenirs like torn ones
Take away the wrapping paper or the latest cards, ribbons or floor mats.
These will be on display in my art class.
Put together a children\'s birthday party in our art class to announce the legitimacy of this art form for other children.
This is a painting, a collage, a sculpture. -
This is an art of celebration in the form of gift for items wrapped by children.
Our unique class store \"packaging company\"
\"Inspired by a visit to the department store gift packaging department, the exquisite paper shop and the nearby Box Shop.
Of course, in every place we visit, we politely ask for samples.
At home, anyone who needs something packed in a special way asks the child to pack the gift.
There are always a lot of unusual forms and work orders to challenge our resident packaging artists in our art class.
Miniature toy cars can be driven on unusual paper with wet painted tires.
Parts of piston, drain plug, suction cup and sneakers sole dancing on plastic and fabric.
Sink padding and rubber gardening gloves wait for the paper to be covered so that their texture can be rubbed.
Object found, ready-
Both the die and the cut die are used to prepare custom wrapping paper.
Small stuffed unusual stickersparts drawers.
Bubble button
Gum prizes, unusual sticky bandages, and even colored plastic worms are stored in small rooms in our trolley case.
We have the world\'s largest antiques and new ribbons for tasting.
There are all kinds of surprises on the children\'s packaging as decorations.
Children\'s packaging is often a combination of abnormal shape and complicated surface decoration.
When my painting teacher at art school called me an excellent surface decorator, I knew it was not a compliment;
However, the surface decoration of children is meaningful and important.
When children decorate their notebooks, sneakers, pencil cases and packaging, they claim that each environmental surface is a canvas and lays the foundation for contemporary art.
As children decorate their windows, bulletin boards, switch boards, and room ceilings, they demonstrate the importance of beautifying, personalizing and caring for our living environment.
When children create a beautiful package for a special person, they express the basic qualities of art as a gift for themselves ---
An idea that is easily lost in the adult art market.
When we encourage children to make surface decorations for small rooms, small items or packages, we are supporting life --
Long artistic themes and commitments.
Outdoors, students wear lab coats, special gloves, and load our red carriage with unusual rocks, branches, nests, Moss and other surprises, these are paper towels or plastic wrap wrapped in foil.
When packages separate objects from their function or history, we wrap objects to reflect their sculptural nature.
In the game, we wrap hands, feet, faces and bodies, discover the foundations of art such as masks, or the art of covering clothes or making gloves, hats or shoes.
We look for interesting packaging in children\'s lunch boxes and extend the theme by packing a variety of unusual fruits and vegetables.
We look at the unusual packaging of candy and enjoy unusual food packaging such as fast food.
Food packaging, burgers and potato crates.
We explore interior packaging by packing small items like pencils and erasers, making our own boxes, and admiring classic pencil cases.
We also packed class furniture such as chairs and trash cans to create new and unusual skins for everyone.
Children who carefully pack small gifts also have bigger dreams to wrap the world, and bigger ideas are waiting to be released.
Great ideas of young artists need to be taken seriously.
The Dream of the package needs a respectable forum.
Some of the greatest works can be created as ideas in art classes.
For example, we might consider all the cars in the school in different packaging
Color parachute or wrap the bush in bright holiday wrapping paper.
Art can be written down as an idea, and for this purpose we keep a book of \"Big Thoughts.
In the book, we list and illustrate the largest, most unusual and interesting form of packaging-
And the packaging they\'re going to wear.
At least mentally, artist Christo must have attended all children\'s birthday parties.
He will definitely get great ideas from our \"big ideas\" book. WRAPPING-
Although the wrapping paper itself is a beautiful work of art, it has not yet entered the Hall of the museum, but it is getting closer and closer by living in the museum gift shop.
In our art class, we share and respectfully present special examples of wrapping paper, gifts
Parcel items and shopping bags.
We are constantly looking for beautiful wrapping paper covering our world.
We share and build a collection of children from the smallest chewing gum packs
Through plastic bread bags.
We collect holiday wrappers or unusual boxes with illustrations.
In addition to the contemporary wrapping paper and unusual packaging supplies, I also like to share the Sino-Japanese wrapping paper and gift bags I have collected.
In the art class, the packaging we make or discover is discussed as art and displayed in the gallery of the corridor.
An important role of art classes is to promote the various forms that art can take to children and adults, thus constantly broadening the concept of art.
There needs to be a place where the unusual wrapping paper in the children\'s pockets can be taken seriously.
Nothing is more exciting for children than birthdays and gifts.
To highlight how special the artwork we make in class is, we pack them into gifts to take home.
We make boxes, suitcases, shopping bags and art packaging for everything.
Our scope of experience includes the study of the crust and its importance to all visual forms, including architecture, sculpture, painting, natural objects and human forms.
Collect pages of books to bring the rich art history of wrapping paper and gift bags to life.
Of course, children are celebrated as experienced packaging artists.
Professor George seckley is the head of arts education at Lexington University of Kentucky and director of graduate studies.
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