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                                                                                                                                                                            Visited by Ghanaian customer

On January 12, 2020, a customer from Ghana visited Qingdao Glory footwear company, whose office is in 12 floor of Qingdao Belt&Road Collaborative Innovation Center. Coincidentally, our office is the embassy of Ghana. Being in China, he was very happy to see the things that represented his motherland. He fondly touched the fabric of the motherland and asked us to take pictures with his president’s photo. He visited every room carefully and joyfully. He said: “China and Ghana have good cooperation. I love China. The Chinese people treated me very well.” So his company asked him to came to China to work and hope can establish business relationship with Chinese company. He is very interested in our safety shoes and looked carefully every details. He believes that there will be opportunities for our cooperation in the future. Our boss Mr. Jack Liu said: “when your president comes, I will inform you.” He was amused by the boss's humor. The interview was ended with the pleasant lunch.

Thanks to the Chinese national policy, Qingdao Belt&Road collaborative Innovation Center was found. In 2013, general secretary xi jinping put forward the major initiative of jointly building the "One Belt And One Road". The 19th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC) made it clear that both China and the rest of the world should pay equal attention to bringing in foreign investment and going global.

Shandong provincial party committee and government proposed to strive to create a new high level of open economic development.As an important innovation center in the east coast of China, Qingdao is the main node city of the "One Belt And One Road" new Eurasian land bridge economic corridor and the pivot city of maritime cooperation strategy. Licang district as the center of the city along the east coast of the jiaozhou bay, the connection between the north and the south, well versed in, is the intersection of the Qingdao people, logistics, capital, information, has integrated into the "area" unique conditions and advantages, explore a new mode and a new path, the mechanisms of foreign economic cooperation, started called "21 st-century silk road station" of the silk road create a center.

Fortunately, we moved our office to Qingdao Belt& Road Collaborative Innovation Center in July, 2019. In here, our company,Qingdao Glory footwear, celebrated its 10th anniversary. In 2019,the export turnover of safety shoes and canvas shoes has achieved doubled growth. Our own factory expanded steadily. At the same time we have a lot of factories with very good relationships. In addition, we have our own QC team, so the quality of shoes continues to improve and becomes better and better. The Spring Festival is coming, we wish Glory footwear company and the motherland more and more powerful.

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