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The structure and function of safety shoes

The structure and function of safety shoes


The safety shoe is a kind of shoe that has safe protection effect to feet. There are many kinds, such as steel toe shoes, anti-puncture shoes, insulation shoes, anti-acid shoes and alkali resistance shoes. The selection of safety shoes should be carried out according to the hazardous nature and degree of working environment. Let's give you an example. As we all know, Australia is rich in mineral resources. During the mining process, workers need to wear safety shoes with anti-collision, puncture resistance, wear resistance, and waterproof function to protect the foot from injury. Therefore, our Australian work boots have steel head inside and TPU guard outside to protect the front from being worn out. The upper is made of nubuck, which is wear-resistant, waterproof, breathable and wear-resistant. These properties make wearing more comfortable. The zipper on the side of the shoe makes it easy to put on and take off. The outsole is made of rubber, which is anti - slip and wear - resistant.

The function of each part

First. The upper of safety shoes: when labor works, the upper can help them move more convenient and comfortable. Special material design can also prevent heat damage and chemical material corrosion damage from sharp materials.

Second. The lace and eyelet: It is used to tighten the safety shoes, so that the workers can work conveniently and not be hurt by external objects.

Third. Safety heel lining: used to secure safety shoes, and can have the function of protecting the heel, in addition to make the workers comfortable to wear, prevent external damage.

Forth. The sole of safety shoes (including the heel) : it is used to protect the workers' feet from puncture injury caused by external objects, and it also has protection functions for anti-skid, fire prevention, heat prevention, corrosion prevention, frost prevention and electric protection.

Fifth. Steel toe of safety shoes: It is used to protect workers from material fall and puncture injury, so as to protect workers' feet from injury.

The safety shoes play a very powerful role in dangerous working conditions. It protects workers from physical injury.We, as a professional production of safety shoes factory, have 20 years experience of producing safety shoes and are proficient in the safety shoes standards. So must be able to contribute to the safety of workers on their own strength. We, Glory footwear company, will certainly contribute our greatest strength to the development of the safety shoes industry.

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