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Safety Shoes Fashion Series---Sport Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes Fashion Series---Sport Safety Shoes


Glory footwear today introduces sports safety shoes. The sports series is the most popular among safety shoes. Because safety shoes are no longer traditional safety shoes with a single color tone and style, people are increasingly pursuing fashion, so the styles of safety shoes are constantly updated and iterated. There are fashionable shoes and have the performance to protect safety. This This kind of cost-effective shoes is undoubtedly the most popular.


From the outside, it is a very fashionable sneaker. Breathable mesh material with various colors. But you will find that the built-in safety protection function is the same as ordinary safety shoes, the European standard 200J steel toe, puncture-proof steel mid-plate or Kevlar midsole, protect the safety of the sole. The non-slip performance of the outsole, whether from the toe, the body or the sole, brings sufficient safety to the foot in all directions.


Glory footwear is a professional safety footwear manufacturer and exporter for more than 20 years. We have independently developed a number of new styles to cater to the different needs of customers in various countries. There are a variety of different upper materials, such as suede plus mesh, flying woven style, and so on. The outsole also has rubber sole, lightweight PU sole, EVA sole. At the same time, we can accept personalized customization, please send your request to us.

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