Revealed: Meghan’s $125 eco-friendly flats are made from recycled water bottles destined for landfill (and dubbed by Vogue as \'the most politically correct shoes on the planet\')

by:Glory Footwear      2020-04-28
She changed her flat shoes yesterday in Sydney with her iconic high heels, breaking the convention.
Now, mail online can reveal the fascinating story behind the Duchess of Sussex ecosystem
Very friendly ballet slippers. Priced at$125 (£110)
Megan\'s shoes come from Rossi, the environment.
San Francisco-based conscious company whose products are made from recycled water bottles used in landfill sites.
In fact, they were dubbed \"one of the most politically correct shoes on our troubled planet\" by fashion Bible magazine.
This brand is perfect for mothers --to-
Megan, who has always advocated environmental protection
Famous brands such as Stella McCartney, theory and Hiut Cowboys.
When she married Harry at Windsor Castle in May 19, the couple showed their ecology again
Friendly credentials by inviting well-
It is hoped to make donations to charities, including those against sewage surfers and the British Wilderness Foundation.
Founded by stephen Hawthornthwaite and Martin, it has been promoted as a staple in daily clothing that balances \"style and sustainability.
Guan made in China, the finished product is light weight, machine washable, removable insole, eco-friendly
Friendly carbon
Free rubber sole.
Made of woven plastic with four different styles
Apartment, loafer, sneakers and point-
Megan chose the latter to praise her Karen Gee gown when she explored Sydney with Prince Harry on Tuesday.
The shoes come in a variety of bright patterns and colors, but Megan chose the classic black with a subtle blue lining.
Under normal circumstances, Megan\'s favorite brands include Stuart Weitzman and Aquazzura, who are rarely seen except for the brands below four
Inch heel on duty
Make yesterday\'s choice more interesting.
Rothy claimed to have re-used about 17,242,286 plastic bottles for their shoes and counting
Even their packaging is recycled and renewable.
In addition, the foam composition in the shoes is made of recycled shoes
It can even be recycled for free at the end of the cycle.
After Megan spoke for the brand on Tuesday, Rossi wrote their joy on Instagram.
Mail online has contacted Rothy\'s comments.
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