how to wash running shoes

by:Glory Footwear      2020-05-02
Running shoes are essential fitness tools.
But sweat is just one of the many ingredients that can bring a dirty look to running shoes.
Weather conditions and build-up of dirt can also affect the look and smell of the shoes.
Proper cleaning can not only make shoes look newer, but also extend their life span.
To clean running shoes quickly and simply, you just need to use the washing machine.
Wipe the outside of the shoes with cloth.
For the sake of convenience, the mother\'s budget recommends the use of baby wipes.
An old toothbrush will help remove stubborn dirt, says ASICS Sports. Use an anti-
Apply soap outside the shoes to clean the dirt.
Remove the insole or padding of the shoe if possible and wash it separately.
You can leave your shoelaces on top or take them off and insert them into the new ones.
Put each shoe in a separate pillowcase.
Tie the end of the case to make sure the shoes are inside.
Set the shoes in the washing machine and add laundry detergent normally.
Adjust the cycle on the machine to the one used during normal laundry.
Pad the inside of the washing machine bathtub with two bath towels.
This will prevent the shoes from banging during stirring.
If you take the pad out, put it in the machine with a towel or hand
Wash separately.
Turn on the washing machine and let it run.
Once the cycle is over, remove the shoes from the machine.
If your shoes have a mesh surface, put them in the dryer in a gentle loop.
If it is not safe for the dryer, plug the inside of the shoe with a newspaper or paper towel.
According to ASICS, this will help to absorb moisture from the inside and maintain the shape.
Put the shoes and lining somewhere and let them drydry.
Upon completion, insert the liner back into the shoe.
Add new laces if needed.
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