how to prevent toes from curling in running shoes

by:Glory Footwear      2020-05-15
For runners, the health of the feet and the comfort of the shoes are the key factors.
Shoes with bent toes can cause pain, chicken eyes, blisters and calluses.
Toe curl may be caused by anatomical imbalance, muscle or bone weakness, or a shoe defect. Poor-
Running shoes that fit, wear and do not support can exacerbate the problem of the foot.
To prevent the toes from curling, wear a suitable shoe that provides space for toe movement.
The size of the shoes is essential to ensure comfort and prevent injury.
If your shoes are too small in length or width, your toes will feel cramped and may start curling.
Measure your feet in inches and add about one more
Determine the size of your shoes in half an inch.
When your feet expand at the end of the day or after exercise, your shoes need extra space.
Also, because the feet slide forward while running, extra space is needed for the toes to prevent cramps and curl.
At the end of each step of the run, the small muscles located between the bones of the foot tighten, which helps to prevent the toes from curling and the front foot from expanding.
For some, these muscles do not contract and can cause trauma to your foot ball.
This will result in injuries and curled toes over time.
In addition, wearing shoes that do not have a proper cushion can exacerbate this situation.
The front foot cushion and good arch support help to transfer the weight from the foot ball to other parts such as the toe.
The arch support plug-in and the front foot pad enhance the performance and comfort of running shoes.
Shoe-wearing athletes may curl their toes under other toes, such as small finger toes curled under the fourth toe.
When the toes curl under each other, this can cause uneven weight distribution and blisters on the toes.
Separating your toes with lamb wool, paper tape, or socks with toe inserts can prevent curling and blisters.
Also, don\'t wear socks that are too restrictive and don\'t tie your shoelaces too tightly, as this increases the likelihood of your toes curling.
The hammer toe is a case where the middle joint of one or more smaller toes is still shrinking.
Due to muscle imbalance, the tendons and ligaments of the toes become tense, which causes the toes to curl.
Exercise can be limited and can lead to the formation of corn at the top of the toe and pain in the foot ball.
If you have a hammer toe, choose a running shoe with a wide and high toe box for maximum comfort.
In addition, hammer toe splints and crests can be provided to help keep curling toes flat for greater balance.
If you encounter a chicken eye, use the toe cap at the top of your toes to eliminate friction.
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