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How are safety shoes classified?

How are safety shoes classified?


                                                                                                                                        How are safety shoes classified?


Safety shoes belong to high technology content and high value-added footwear products. The production process of safety protective shoes has high requirements on raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, mechanical equipment, etc. The quality needs strict supervision. Let's see, what is the classification of safety shoes?

First. According to industrial demand

Safety shoes can be classified into the following several kinds: PVC  safety shoes, outdoor sports safety shoes, normal safety shoes,  insulation miners safety shoes, chemical defense safety shoes, protective insulation safety shoes, sports type safety shoes, oil resistant mining safety shoes, chemical defense security safety shoes, health and safety shoes, oil resistant safety shoes, miners safety shoes, safety shoes, insulation oil resistant rubber safety shoes, warm safety shoes...

Second: Sort by sole

Generally, the sole is made of polyurethane material through injection molding, with oil-resistant safety shoes, wear-resistant safety shoes, acid-resistant safety shoes, insulated safety shoes, waterproof safety shoes and light safety shoes. Safety shoes wear 2-3 times longer than regular rubber soles. Safety shoes are light and safe, with good softness. The weight of safety shoes is only 50%-60% of that of rubber soles.

Third.Classification by function of safety shoes

Steel toe shoes, piercing-proof shoes, insulating shoes, anti-static shoes, conductive shoes, rubber boots, anti-cold shoes.The following classification according to the function for you to introduce some common safety shoes related safety common sense.

1. Protect the toe against smashing shoes

Mainly to prevent the object to hurt the foot surface and toe.Such as in the handling of heavy or loading and unloading material rolling barrels, heavy pipe hit the foot or accidentally kicked on sharp metal plate.The front end of the shoe shall be lined with metal materials with good impact resistance, high strength and light weight. The strength and impact resistance shall be tested to meet the required standards.

2. Insulated shoes

The purpose of insulating shoes is to minimize the risk of electric shock. Because electric shock when the current is through the contact point through the human body into the ground, so the electrical work not only to wear insulating gloves, but also wear insulating shoes.There are several kinds of insulating shoes of 20kV, 6kV and 5kV according to the range of withstand voltage. Insulated shoes should be inspected and maintained regularly. They will not protect you if they are wet or worn badly.

3. Anti-static and conductive shoes

Anti-static shoes are applicable to prevent accidents caused by static electricity in human body, and to avoid accidental electric shock caused by 220V power frequency capacitor equipment. Conductive shoes are used in places that are more sensitive to the body's static electricity and where fires or explosions may occur.Some of these are safety shoes and rubber shoes with anti-static or conductive soles, the whole shoe without metal, to reduce the possibility of friction fire.Shoes are tested for resistance from the beginning of use.This is followed by regular testing to ensure that the maximum resistance of the shoe does not exceed the allowable value.

4. Steel shoes and cover

This kind of shoe also calls casting worker shoe, basically prevent the burning of foot ministry is scalded thorn is pricked.These shoes are pressure resistant and not easy to burn. They have an oiled coat-skin upper and a canvas inlaid leather upper. They have a tyre sole lined with coat-leather.In order to prevent the molten metal splash fluid burns, are used high - waisted easy to remove the style.Also can use shoe cover to cover the shoe mouth, trouser leg, shoe cover is multi-purpose canvas, asbestos, aluminum film made.

5. Rubber boots

According to the use of acid and alkali boots, waterproof boots, oil shoes and so on. Acid and alkali resistant boots are suitable for working on the ground with acid and alkali and other corrosion liquid places, made of acid and alkali resistant rubber, there are also pants boots together with acid and alkali resistant boots, waterproof boots for the ground water or splash water operations, the basic material is rubber, miners waterproof boots, special boots for aquatic products, rice transplanting boots. Oil-proof shoes are used for the operation with oil stains on the ground. They are made of rubber or polyethylene plastic. There are many kinds of boots and shoes. Pay attention to choose different strength safety shoes according to the weight of the job.

6. Anti-Cold shoes

Suitable for cold and low temperature environment, cotton shoes, fur boots and felt boots, with good thermal insulation performance.

In addition to the above several kinds of safety shoes, there are also suitable for road workers sole insulation, suitable for construction workers sole reinforcement, suitable for food, wine workers sole moisture-proof protective shoes and so on.

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