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Hiking Boot for man

Hiking Boot for man

Hiking Boot for man
  • Hiking Boot for man
  • Hiking Boot for man3
  • Hiking Boot for man2

Hiking Boot for man

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This is a new outsole technology. The outsole is filled with EVA foam to slow down the impact during exercise, increase elasticity, and protect the ankle. The blue EVA foam injection molding on the gray PU outsole, in addition to aesthetic surprises, is more robust and firm.


In addition to the fluorescent strips on the side, it reflects the streamlined shape of the shoe body and increases the safety performance, allowing you to see your shoes clearly in a dark environment. The blue anti-ecological drip plastic strip on the side has a beautiful and novel design, which can be matched with fashionable sports pants.


The inside is high-tech mesh, wear-resistant, breathable, soft and comfortable, so you don't feel tired after wearing it for a day. Concealed eyelets are also installed on the inner wall of the eyelets to prevent the socks from being hooked or worn out due to the unevenness of the eyelets.

This is a new Hiking Boot. The outsole is improved on the original basis. The PU injection is filled with EVA foam material, which makes it softer and more comfortable, with better elasticity and increased sports performance. The height from the shoe mouth to the ankle effectively protects the ankle and has a shock absorption effect. These shoes are handsome and shock-absorbing when you exercise.


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