fabled boots now a fashion fad

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Yesterday, as his feet sank into the snowpile on Fifth Avenue and 42d Street, actor Tony airward said he was \"glad we finally had a heavy snow, because now I\'m sure my Bean Glory Boots are both practical and prestigious. ” Even as Mr.
When Aylward spoke, two other men, also shod, plunged into a nearby drift.
In 1912, a hunting boot designed by Maine strode into the fashion world and became one of the best-selling men in New York this winter.
This boot is the idea of Leon L, made of leather, with the top connected to the bottom of the rubber.
Founder of bean, LL. Bean Inc.
The famous free port, I.
Expert in outdoor sporting goods.
Named \"Maine hunting shoes\", it was welcomed by athletes from the beginning and eventually became part of the Northeast Campus preppy.
Two winters ago, when it was thought that the man\'s so-called \"survival gear\" was fashionable and practical, bean-hunting boots began to come out of the woods, leaving the campus and walking down the streets of the city.
Just recently, this suddenly stylish boot stepped off the runway of the fashion show as part of what it designers such as Calvin Klein, Jeffrey Banks and Sal Cesarani \"look for\" next winter.
There is no patent on the boots, and all the rubber and leather boots visible under the cuffs of the premium custom fleece or tweed pants show a discreet L. L.
Bean label on heel
While the name of the Maine hunting shoe is registered and there is no patent for the boots themselves, there are more than six companies today selling their own similar versions of the boots, both men and women.
All versions mimic the original version until the decorative ridges on the toe at the bottom of the waterproof brown rubber, the yellow outsole to the three-row stitching on the waterproof Brown or brown leather upper.
These uppers have several different heights: the shortest is the three-hole shoe, the highest (
Made by Bean only)
Rose to 16 inch
All boots have a wool sole, which may or may not be removable depending on the manufacturer.
Rubber on LL.
The Bean boots have a dull end;
Most counterfeits look smooth. The L. L.
Bean original can only be purchased via mail order or at a retail store in my Freeport at the company.
However, many similar versions of the town can be bought locally.
George G. , shipping company Chris craft industry and distributor.
Three years ago, Graham made the boots for them, which was made in South Korea.
According to Mr.
Graham, \"it seems that the younger generation wants it first;
After that, it took off. ” Mr.
Graham said 300,000 pairs were sold in 1978.
At the Bloomingdale restaurant, this low shoe costs $30.
The 10-inch boots cost $40.
Like most stores in the city, Bloomingdale reports that many size stores are sold out.
According to a store spokesman, the version of Chris Craft and loden green rubber \"disappeared almost immediately \". Macy\'s sells —
More accurate to sell;
They almost ran out of stock.
Hermann survivors made a version for the first time last fall.
Paul Lyden, a spokesman for the company, said their rubber soles were made in South Korea, but the shoes were assembled in Maine.
\"They are big sellers on the East Coast, but in the Midwest they are considered interesting,\" he said.
At Macy\'s, the low shoes cost $32.
10-inch unlined Glory Boots cost $44;
The 10-inch boot is lined for $62.
This is the second year of Clark\'s English edition.
A company spokesman declined to say where the boots were made, but wherever they were made, they were sold in Tom Austin.
$28 for low shoes;
The price of Anklehigh is $35. G. H.
There\'s no time wasted at Bath.
They began copying rubber and leather boots in 1926.
\"We stopped producing them some time ago,\" said Peter Bass, \"but in 1975, when we realized that people were buying more than just a practical boot, we went back to them.
The rubber bottom of bath is made in Korea.
I have leather sewn in Wilton.
Both shoes are $37.
$50 and $47 10-inch boots are sold at Lee\'s store at 43 Greenwich Avenue. As for L. L.
Bean, their boots are still printed with the words \"Made in America\"S. A.
Prices range from $26 to $45 for three-hole shoes.
The 26-inch boots are 75.
10 inch of the boots are $33.
The feeling is that the inner sole of the sheepskin is superfluous.
The address is L. L. Bean Inc. , Freeport, Me. 04033.
Their phone number is (207)865‐3111.
When the boots are worn out, the store will also attach a new rubber bottom and a refurbished leather top.
For a fee, only for their boots.
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