eco-fashion from recycled plastic bags: boots, bags, dresses, and jewelry

by:Glory Footwear      2020-02-19
Camilla La Brava designer Camilla La Brava\'s Dacca first created Dacca boots as a solution to the challenges she presented to her at the Design School: with unexpectedThe go-
The Go style ankle boots are very good and the Chilean designer now has several colors and prints (for only $45. 00)at botasdacca. blogspot. com.
Each pair of Glory Boots uses about 8 plastic bags, cotton lining, and comfortable to wear.
Kaleah OttArtist Kaleah Ott in Portland, Or, ask, \"Why throw it away when you can flash?
\"She\'s at the Etsy store in kalea hott. etsy.
Her hand-made stockof-a-
Charity bags and wallets made with recycled plastic bags and recycled soda cans labels.
For every $100 Ott sells on her website, it promises to be a variety of non-profits.
Ott uses the ubiquitous second-hand plastic bags to blend several bags together to create more than one
She designed it with layered plastic fabric.
Ott offers messenger-
Bags, bags, bags
Bag, clutch and small zip bag.
Her unique and durable PopTop bag is crafted by soda pot pop
Top and 100% nylon rope.
Ott wants to remind consumers that they can always bring their used plastic grocery bags back to the store for recycling.
\"Don\'t try to recycle shopping bags with your roadside pick --up,\" she says.
\"Plastic shopping bags are a common cause of recycling mechanical blockage and are also the main cause of injury to recycling workers.
Esty also has a collection of Cara Taylor handbags made from recycled plastic shopping bags.
Taylor cuts the plastic into strips to make yarn (or \"plarn\")
She then stuffed it into a bag, a purse, a clutch, and even a bracelet.
See her latest product at carataylor. etsy. com.
Cathy Cardan artist Cathy Cardan said, \"There are two effects on my current work: domestic crafts from my childhood, and the apparent lack of social attention to the use and abuse of materials
\"Kasdan created costumes, skirts, shirts, and even the clever costumes of the Icelandic --
Stylish sweater with plastic shopping bags seen in cathykasdan. com.
Anna Roebuck boutique jewelry made of plastic bags is a feature of Anna Roebuck, who runs a bag 2 fortune designer recycling studio.
By combining melting and manipulation techniques, Roebuck turns plastic grocery bags into pieces such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces.
Her bubble line is covered with colorful plastic bracelets and \'bubble\' sterling silver.
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Qingdao Glory Footwear Co., Ltd.’s core aim is to afford high-quality products with the concept of manufacturing technology.
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