cool diy light up shoes

by:Glory Footwear      2020-05-05
I did this project to teach kids the concept of using electricity and show them how LEDs work.
It turned out to be a good way to start using led.
So all of your young manufacturers are sitting together and going through this short and easy guidance and I promise you will get a really cool pair of LED shoes in an hour or so.
Since this is the first time I have ever taught, please point out any errors you have found and I will be happy to correct them.
The best thing about this Instructure is that you don\'t need to be a rocket scientist or any high-end tools or equipment.
Everything I used was cheap.
You need: This step is easy.
All you need to do is cut the led light strip to an equal length.
Now, when you start cutting them, you will notice that there will be metal pads and SMD resistors after about every 3rd LED.
So, remember to cut your strip with a multiple of 3 LEDs.
Your led will not shine if you do not include the resistor.
Depending on the size of your shoes, you can cut 3,6 or 9 LEDs each.
Check out the pictures for clear ideas on how to cut the pictures.
Every side of the shoe needs a strap.
So, if you want to do this for a pair of shoes, you need 4 Led strips of the same length.
You need to set up the soldering iron and heat it properly before this step!
It is a very easy job to weld the wires to the pads.
The best way is to drop some solder on the pad, then re-heat the solder with an iron and weld the wire on the pad.
If you are not confident about welding, please ask an adult for help.
In general, the correct pad is the positive terminal and the negative terminal or the ground terminal on the left.
You want to weld the positive terminal of one led strip to the positive terminal of the other strip, and weld the negative terminal of one strip to the negative terminal of the other strip.
The length of the wire is between 10-
15 cms depends on the size of your shoes and the location of LEDsOnce. Once you have finished the connection with the belt, you can take a Clipper with a wire cutter and weld the red line to the LED and black wire to the negative wire.
Test your connection by cutting on a 9 v battery.
Your led should shine unless your connection is loose or the polarity is wrong.
Do the same for the other two LED light strips.
So now that all your electronics are working, you can focus on putting the led on your shoes.
The back of the LED light strip is equipped with 3 m double sided tape.
All you need to do is peel off the sticker and stick the note to both sides of the shoe.
You can weave the wires together to make them look neat or you can cover them with tape and then do some cool doodling on them!
The 9 v battery can be strung in a small bag at the back of the shoe, you can sew it with a broken cloth, or you can push it to the shoe between your laces and the tongue of the shoe.
If you feel comfortable with this, it can also be pushed to the side of your shoes.
Remember to power the LED light strip on each shoe with a separate battery! Happy Making :)
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