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Care From Glory Footwear

Care From Glory Footwear


Glory footwear can contact the mask supplier for you. Now the Novel Coronaviruses is spreading rapidly in all over the word and according to the who's daily outbreak report, the number of confirmed cases outside China increased by 4596 to 37,371 as of 10:00pm central European time (17:00 GMT). The number of deaths outside China rose by 258 from the previous day to 1,130. Globally, 118,326 cases have been confirmed; The number of deaths reached 4,292. 



On March 11, five experts from Sichuan province set off for Italy. They together with a vice chairman of the Red Cross society of China and an expert from the national center for disease control and prevention, will form a volunteer team of Red Cross society of China to carry relief materials and support Italy in fighting against the new pneumonia epidemic. 

We have shared our experience with novel coronavirus outbreaks and you can click there to know it. We know that the masks are very  necessary but many people can’t buy them now . We as a well-known enterprise in manufacturing safety shoes can use our resources of more than 20 years to find a suitable mask factory for you. 


Glory Footwear work has now fully resumed and we really worry about those people who are being affected by the outbreak. We believe that as long as we take active and effective measures, we will surely overcome this epidemic.

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