boots under fire amid ‘plastic bags for prescriptions’ row

by:Glory Footwear      2020-03-02
Today, the boot was fired after being complained because it distributed the prescription in plastic bags instead of traditional paper bags.
Angry customers say the high street chemist has broken the promise of reducing singles
Use the plastic made when the UK plastic agreement was signed last year.
Boots said the change was due to the introduction of a new large central \"dispensing support pharmacy\" by Preston, which would fill bags with repeated prescriptions before going to the store.
It says plastic is \"more durable \".
But Liz Jones, a customer, said: \"I am angry that the main pharmacies in the UK dare to prescribe thousands of prescriptions in plastic.
They used to be put in a paper bag and bound up on the top to be as safe, sturdy and eco-friendly as possible.
Another customer said he was \"confused\" when he got the prescription in a plastic bag \".
\"I have been collecting them in paper bags for five years,\" he said . \".
\"They either need to go back to the old model or find a way to do it without plastic. Cost-
Cutting should not be an excuse to use plastic.
Tom Watson, Labor\'s deputy leader, also joined the ranks of critics, writing on Twitter: \"Seriously, is it?
Nowadays, it is not acceptable to move from paper to plastic to save costs.
\"It\'s right for customers to feel angry and confused.
Please sort this out.
A spokesman for Boots said: \"Central dispensing accounts for less than eight of our total dispensing;
Most of our prescriptions are still distributed in paper bags.
\"Our centralized pharmacy uses recyclable bags.
These bags mean that we can deliver medicines to patients in a safe, clean, dry and durable manner.
\"Over the past few months we have been looking for alternative packaging options with the same quality and we will move to them as soon as possible.
This takes a bit of time because the machine needs to be manufactured and debugged to work safely and efficiently.
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